Learning to grow in our faith together.

Community, purpose, and Biblical insight await you!

If you are interested in growing in your faith, we’ve designed a growth track just for you! Jump into one of the three gatherings below, or take part in all three this winter/spring. Click through to find an environment that works for you.

Starting Point

Starting Point

We invite you to learn more about Crossroads at Starting Point. If you are new to church or just new to this church, join us for an hour and hear what Crossroads is all about! We’ll have lunch, meet some friendly people, and dive in to the mission and core beliefs of our church. You can register for Starting Point below.

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The Growth Track is a pathway used for getting you involved at Crossroads. You can jump on this track any time! While it’s been designed to be a linear track, beginning with Starting Point, you don’t have to start in any particular order. Simply sign up for the next environment as it is available! Click the arrows below to learn about Connections, Foundations, and Groups.

The Growth Track


This 3-week small group experience is all about connecting with other great people who attend Crossroads. Our church is full of amazing people, like you! We’ll share stories, eat snacks, talk about faith, and leave with some fantastic new friendships. Click the arrow below to continue on the Growth Track.


This class-like environment boosts your understanding of the foundations of the Christian faith. For this gathering, we’ll be able to learn from one of our pastors on topics like: how to understand the Old Testament, how to discover your spiritual gifts, and how to share your faith with others. This course is certain to deepen your faith and help you learn how to apply your faith to your daily life. Click the arrow below to continue on the Growth Track.


Groups are small gatherings where people can connect with each other and grow in their faith while studying the Bible, a Christian book or in a Care group. Visit the Groups page for more information. Click the arrow below to continue on the Growth Track.

All the tools you need to grow in your faith.

Real people learning about a real God.

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