The Search

Hey, Crossroads!

I’ve been in ministry for 22 years. I spent the first 18 years of my ministry career at Eagle Brook Church and the last four at Hosanna Church. When I started at Eagle Brook, there was only one campus, and I was along for the crazy ride of going from a single campus to 8 when I left. I’ve had a variety of roles during my ministry career, Director of Small Groups, Campus Pastor, and most recently Executive Pastor of Engagement. In my most recent role, my team was responsible for creating strategies on how to raise the engagement with people both inside, and especially outside, the church. I also have been part of the teaching/preaching team at both Eagle Brook and Hosanna. In fact, teaching and preaching is one of the reasons I was put on this earth. I exist to reach people for Jesus by communicating his principles and equipping his church. Reaching one more for Jesus is a driving desire for me, and helping people live more like Jesus.

I have been married to my wife, Amy, for 32 years. Amy is the Director of Consulting for the Unstuck Group, who helps churches get unstuck. We have 3 adult kids, all married, and we have 3 grandkids with 1 more on the way! As far as hobbies go, I enjoy golfing, hunting, and going to the Boundary Waters. Amy I and I are locals (Lake Elmo) and so yes, we are tortured Vikings fans, but I have come to accept I may not see the Vikes go to the Super Bowl in my lifetime. So sad.

I am so thankful and humbled that God has led me to this role as Lead Pastor at Crossroads. I am looking forward to joining and leading Crossroads Church.

Jason Anderson

As we move through the search process, update letters will be archived here.

10/19/23 – View the Lead Pastor Candidate announcement here.

9/20/23 – View SIMA Partners update here.

7/26/23 – View the first elder update on The Search here.

5/17/23 – View the announcement to search for a lead pastor here.

To perform the Lead Pastor search:

The elder board has 1) hired SIMA Partners, experts in finding executives for churches and faith-based organizations and 2) assembled a search committee of current and former elder board members.


Throughout the process, which can span 6-12 months, we’ll provide regular updates as we trust the Holy Spirit for guidance while SIMA Partners steers us through the following three phases:


  1. Phase 1 – Preparing for The Search
    1. Perform intake process with church leadership to understand needs
    2. Conduct key individual and group staff meetings to gather input
    3. Develop and finalize two search documents: Critical Leadership Requirements (internal) and Opportunity Profile (external)


  1. Phase 2 – Sourcing/Presenting Candidates
    1. Conduct research and sourcing efforts to spread the word
    2. Screen wide pool of candidates to identify the most qualified
    3. Present a pool of 5-7 finalists to search committee
    4. Search committee conducts interviews to narrow finalists


  1. Phase 3 – Final Selection
    1. Conduct final interview round, including meet-and-greet with key staff
    2. Search committee reaches decision regarding best candidate
    3. Elder board affirms selection of candidate to present to members for approval vote

Why are we looking for a new Lead Pastor to spearhead the pastoral team?

The elder board reached this decision as part of ongoing strategic planning efforts since Pastor Phil’s retirement announcement in 2017 and with the knowledge that Dave Kell’s 18-month commitment to help with operations was coming to an end (June 8). The elder board is extremely grateful for the job the Leadership Team of Joelle, Jonathan and Dave have done since Phil stepped down, but feel the time has come to hire one Lead Pastor for the church.


The process confirmed our commitment to 1) reaching one more for Christ and 2) providing an exceptional worship experience. These values will remain priorities for us throughout the search process.

Was Jonathan’s departure a factor in the decision?

No. Jonathan’s opportunity to join Midcurrent Church came just as the elder board was finalizing its strategic planning work and preparing to embark on a Lead Pastor search.

Why are we doing a national search?

We have every expectation of hiring the leader God has in mind for us. This position is an attractive opportunity and open to candidates near and far.

What about Pastor Joelle?

We are blessed to have Pastor Joelle on our leadership team, grateful for her valuable contributions, and excited about the partnership she will have with a new Lead Pastor. She will be leading the staff until the new Lead Pastor arrives.

Will internal candidates be considered for the Lead Pastor position?

Applicant status is confidential, so whether any of our pastors apply is a private matter. The consultant is conducting a nationwide search, and we’re open to candidates near and far as we look for the next leader God has for us.

How will we find a new Lead Pastor?

To conduct the nationwide search, the elder board has hired SIMA Partners (a firm with 25 years of experience conducting searches for churches and faith-based organizations) and also has assembled a search team of current and former elder board members.

What will the search process look like?

SIMA Partners will steer us through a process shaped by the following three phases:

  1. Preparing for The Search: determining our needs, developing Critical Leadership Criteria and Opportunity Profile documents
  2. Sourcing/Presenting Candidates: sourcing, screening and choosing 5-7 finalists
  3. Final Selection: assessing finalists, presenting chosen candidate to members for vote

Who is on the search committee?

The search committee consists of the Elder Board which includes leaders from each of our four campus locations.

How will the ministry work get done? Are we currently short staffed?

Our amazing pastors and staff do great ministry work! During this transition, the elder board will make sure they have the extra support and resources needed to continue doing what they do best.

Who makes the final decision to choose the Lead Pastor?

While trusting the Holy Spirit for guidance and SIMA Partners for counsel, the search committee will conduct a final round of interviews with finalists, including a meet-and-greet with key staff, and select a candidate. The elder board will affirm the recommendation and present it to members for a vote of approval.

How long will the search process take?

The search could take between 6-12 months, depending on how quickly qualified candidates engage with the process (and on the Holy Spirit’s timing).

How can we stay updated regarding The Search?

We’re glad you’ve found the website pages created to keep you informed. We will continue to post updates here and send them via email. Click here to sign up for our “CR Weekly” email which is where we will be sending updates. Also, please review our current “Prayer Requests” and join us in praying for all aspects of The Search process.

Why so much change?

Leadership change always seems sudden, but it’s not a surprise to God or to healthy organizations who prepare for it well. This moment is part of God’s plan for our future.

With all the changes happening, are you worried?

No, we’re not worried. Healthy organizations face change head on, and the elder board’s work has prepared us for this. We trust God will provide clear direction. We trust the search firm to guide us. We trust our pastors and staff to continue their great ministry work. We’re optimistic.


Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.

Proverbs 3:5-6

Where can I ask more questions?

Thank you for your care and investment in this process. We welcome additional questions at

Current Prayer Requests

Join us in praying for God’s guidance throughout the process of selecting our lead pastor. Below you’ll find a list of specific requests related to the status of our search.

This list will be updated as we move forward, so please to check back periodically.

Thank you for your prayers.


Current Prayer Requests (click here for printable version):

  • Pray for God’s wisdom and discernment for all involved in this entire process.
  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide all efforts and prepare our next leader.
  • Pray for unity and God’s protection of our entire Crossroads family through this transition.
  • Pray for Joelle, our Campus Pastors, and staff as they continue our ministry work.
  • Give thanks for God’s faithfulness and the bright future we know he has for us.